Welcome and Contact Information

Welcome to Ms. Lenihan’s blog!

This is where you will be able to find information about assignments you may have missed, any homework you may have forgotten to write down, and any interesting English-related sites I come across in my travels across the web.

Semester 2 Schedule is:

Period One: ELA 9

Period Three: ELA 9

Period Four: ELA A10

Period Five: ELA 20

All comments will be moderated so please think before you speak. Think of this place as an extension of the classroom. Any rules and expectations in the classroom are applicable here as well.

–Ms. Lenihan

If You Need to Contact Me:

Email: kelsie.lenihan@rbe.sk.ca

Share Documents Through Google Docs: kelsie.lenihan@go.rbe.sk.ca

Find Me in the School: Room 231 (behind the library)

Call Me on the Phone: 306 523 3250 (please be aware that I am not readily available by phone as I am usually teaching)